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Basment Sessions, Seattle, Substation -

Capacitor Records has announced the long awaited and much anticipated Basment Sessions Vol. 3 & 4.  Coming April 1st... this ain't no April Fools joke! The Seattle based collective released it’s debut “Volumes 1&2” in 2013, and is following up with their second release to include 13 new tracks.  Conceived in West Seattle, Basment Sessions are devoted to "making music, eating barbecue, and fine, fine tequila”.  Johnny G, the mastermind behind the Basment Sessions, has revealed that the new album will follow in the same footsteps.  Some of the artists included in this release include Matt Pike (High on Fire, Sleep), Bubba Dupree(Void), Jack Endino (Skinyard, Kandi Coded), Chris Johnsen(Zeke) and Dan Matthews(The...

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