Mikel Perkins (vocals, guitar, drums)

Scott Stewart (guitar)

David Wendling (bass)

Maklak has been going strong on their own since 2009: releasing their own albums, putting together their own studio for other local bands, plus multiple successful DIY tours around the county.  In 1997, MikeL Perkins started writing and recording his own music in his parents’ garage, singing and playing every instrument. Naming the project Maklak, his writing style incorporated strong dynamics, hard timing shifts, and concise melodies. Some years later, as Maklak rose from a side-project to a full-fledged act, MikeL moved from Whidbey Island to Seattle and recruited members to fill out the band. In 2010, he found a solid guitarist/songwriter in Scott Stewart of Stew Studios/Muldoon. Scott's sludgy yet ethereal guitar added a sophisticated bottom-heavy sound that took Maklak to new a sonic realm. In 2010, MikeL enlisted production master Jack Endino (Nirvana, Skin Yard, Soundgarden...), who agreed to co-produce and record the debut self-titled album for Maklak. The final mastering touches on the album were done by northwest legend Chris Hanzsek (Melvins, CZ Records). In 2010 and 2011, Maklak tirelessly promoted the new album, with multiple DIY style tours around the country.

In 2013 Maklak recorded a 7-inch single mixed by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studios. It includes two covers, Angel (by Massive Attack) and Wandering Star (by Portishead); showing a heavier and more melodic Maklak... with Tad Doyle's production.  Deepskull records signed Maklak and released the limited edition vinyl to great reviews. 
 2013 also brought about the introduction of bassist David Wendling, previously with local band Shiver also with MikeL.  Finally having the rhythm section they'd been looking for Maklak went back into the studio for their sophomore album, Age of Anxiety. Re-enlisting the help of producer Jack Endino, as well as featuring guest appearances from Slippage and Gladiators Eat Fire/Witch Ripper, the album promises to be an evolution of Maklak's ever progressing sound. 
Maklak has had the privilege of opening for: Stabbing Westward, HR(of Bad Brains), Jack Endino, and Far.  With a gig coming up on September opening for Killing Joke.
They’ve had write-ups in Seattle Weekly and other local press; also have been played on radio stations KISW, KEXP, KNDD, UCLA, KGRG. In total they’ve completed 5 US Tours and we're featured as one of the top 3 underground bands in Seattle in 2017. Maklak will also appear on the new television documentary series "It happened here" as the featured emerging artist of Seattle in early 2018

 "recordings range from scratchy sludge rock with distorted-screech vocals to shoegaze noise swirls: MakLak's cover of Mazzy Star's "Roseblood" fits into the latter category."  -The Seattle Weekly
"MakLak is reinventing grunge and metal" - Jack Endino 
"Maklak make heavy, explosive music for deep thinkers, possess an impressive vocal range that oscillates from fragile tones to guttural pain, and somehow still keep their music rooted in pop sensibilities. Live, they use big dynamics and volume to put their audience into a trance like state. One of Seattle’s best-kept secrets. –It’s also worth noting that it takes massive balls to do doom covers of “Angel” by Massive Attack and “Wandering Star” by Portishead. Maklak have done just that… and done it very well."  -Nadamucho/SeattleMusicNews
"Angel/Wandering Star" Single on Deepskull Records (rel 10/12/2016)
"Age of Anxiety" LP , produced by Jack Endino (coming 2018).
*Maklak nominated for HOTROCK TV's "Hardest Working Band" & "People's Choice" in 2010
5 US tours, the most recent starting in Seattle, WA at El Corazon and ending in Alameda, CA at the Fireside Lounge. Previous tours have spanned the West Coast and into the Midwest as far as Kansas.  They’ve played Portland a dozen or so times, including the Ash St Saloon, and the previously existing Red Room, numerous house shows, and have played extensively in bars/clubs their home state of Washington. Recent local shows since the addition of the new drummer in 2016 have included the J&M, Blue moon, Substation, and Slim’s Last Chance Tavern in Georgetown.
Appearances on HotRocks, Berkeley Music Live, and It Happened Here on the Reelz network.
Maklak has had the privilege of opening for: Stabbing Westward, HR(of Bad Brains), Jack Endino, and Far.
Similar Bands/ Influences: Hum,  Deftones, Failure, Melvins, Peach, Nirvana, Tad, Sunny Day Real Estate, Isis.
Genres/Sound: jedi rock
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Sponsors: Deepskull Records, Thumper Drums, Stew Studios, Dirtbag Clothing