About us

Founded by Brian Kelly and Dan Matthews in 2015, Capacitor Records is a boutique independent record label based in Spring Lake, NJ. With early releases by The Black Clouds, SHUT-UP, Rezin, Maklak and Basment Sessions Seattle, the label is happy to be associated with multiple forms of Rock.  Working alongside producer Jack Endino on many releases, the label has earned a reputation for being extremely friendly to the left coast Seattle music scene.  From grunge era sounds to straight punk, we enjoy music that gets people moving, thinking and doing. 

At Capacitor Records, it is our intent to market and sell the recorded music (and related merchandise) of artists.  The continued troubles of the music industry does not change the idea of providing a great music product.  We do our best to enjoy both the music and the business.

Don't be a dick.  Do what you say, and say what you do.  Our intent is to be as clear as possible in all dealings and to provide a solid product to both our artists on label as well as to our listeners and consumer community.

Capacitor Records is:

Dan Dave BK
Dan Matthews - Founder
Guitarist, Vocalist, Manager (The Black Clouds, SHUT UP)
Owner, Producer, Recording Engineer at Dark Globe Recording.

Brian Kelly - Founder
Serial entrepreneur and lifelong music fan, Brian's background in startup culture and technology is a driving force behind all things behind the curtain at Capacitor.

Dave Hnatiuk - Managing Partner
Joining the label in 2021, Dave is a 360 music and sound department with global influence and boutique service with previous experience ranging from Fox News to Viacom.  No job is too big, and no budget is too small.  

Dave, the son of a professional music family, started his career in music supervision working for ABC/Disney, where his team won an Emmy for “All My Children.”

From there, Dave built the first music department from the ground up for the Fox News Channel, where he produced music and worked as a sound designer for The O’Reilly Factor, The Fox Report, and many other programs.

 Dave then brought his talents to MTV, working as a sound designer, mixer, and music producer on shows such as Jersey Shore, Punk’d, Jackass, America’s Best Dance Crew, Beavis and Butthead, Ridiculousness and more.

In the world of film, Dave has music supervised features for Sony Pictures, and New Line Cinemas, putting together soundtracks for films starring Glenn Close, James Marsden, Elizabeth Banks, Teri Polo, Cheech & Chong and more.

Dave also co-wrote the definitive textbook on the art and business of music supervision for Music Sales Corp in 2005 entitled Music Supervision:  The Complete Guide To Selecting Music for Movies, TV, Games and New Media. He developed the first ever curriculum for Music Supervision at NYU, which led to a publishing deal for the first textbook written for the field of Music Supervision, which is now used by many universities across the country, including Northeastern University, Berklee College of Music, and many others.