Jack Endino - Set Myself On Fire

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1. Wantonly (Featuring Barrett Martin on drums)
2. Toast The Sun (Featuring Chris Johnsen on rhythm guitar)
3. Tripping Behind Enemy Lines (Featuring Barrett Martin on drums)
4. Shadow World (Featuring Chris Johnsen on rhythm guitar)
5. Polythelia (Featuring Barrett Martin on drums)
6. Been Here Before
7. Save My Darkest Side (Featuring Barrett Martin on drums)
8. Groovy Suction (Featuring Rob Skinner on bass)
9. Behind The Sunset
10. We’re Surrounded By Trees (Featuring Barrett Martin on drums)
11. Welcome Back (Featuring Josh Sinder on drums & Alex Sibbald on bass)
12. Set Myself On Fire (Featuring Chris Johnsen on rhythm guitar and Dan Matthews on backing vocals)
13. Something For Nothing (Featuring Dan Matthews on Lead Vocals)
14. Stem The Decline (Featuring Chris Johnsen on rhythm guitar)
15. Cocaine Roommate (Featuring Chris Johnsen on rhythm guitar)